Amazon FBA Course Reviews: Which Seller Training Is Best? (Updated for 2021)

 May 12, 2020

By  Course Minds Team

In recent years, many have gotten flourishing entrepreneurship off the ground with Amazon’s FBA.

You could become part of this community, all you need is the right product, business sense, and training.

Short for “Fulfillment by Amazon,” this program lets Amazon take care of shipping and other matters while people like you concentrate on getting word about your products out.

While this program has become a lot more popular, Amazon also realizes just how much competition is out there and has adjusted FBA accordingly.

Since you won’t want to join FBA without a good idea of what you’re getting into, we advise finding an excellent course that’ll teach you all about how FBA works.

This article will help you with that search.

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How To Select The Right Course?

People who do well with FBA often spread the wealth of knowledge. They’ll make videos, seller training, and full online courses detailing their recipe for success.

Some people can figure things out pretty quickly, while others have to stumble around a bit before they get on a roll.

Transparency, integrity, and student success are all qualities of an FBA sellers course that you should look for when deciding on which to invest in.

There are courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced sellers out there. Each will have pros and cons, so what you decide is ultimately up to you, based on your situation and circumstances.

"Can't I just learn Amazon FBA on my own with free Youtube videos?" 

In theory, yes. However, trial and error learning can be more costly over time, and the opportunity cost for trying to do everything on your own can be millions of dollars.

Investing in people who have made the trial and error mistakes for you, and downloading their years of experience will likely help you achieve success faster and in a more reliable way.

Here's the rundown of the top Amazon FBA seller courses.

Best Amazon FBA Course Guide

5.) Amazon Bootcamp:

The Selling Family


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Going to boot camp has never been so enjoyable. With four installments of Amazon Boot Camp so far, this is a program that keeps developing and helping people succeed in making online sales.

The best place to start as a beginning seller is with Retail Arbitrage.

This teaches you about the benefits of purchasing products on sale at other stores and then using your own Amazon account to sell them.

This isn’t a foolproof concept, but it’s one that can definitely work. Your Boot Camp course can show you all the tricks you need for this first stage in your retail business.

signing up, you’ll get full access to 14 different programs and different deals. There’s also a private group for member help.

If you’re based in the United States and want to try Amazon FBA, these programs are really special.
Also, you can get your money returned within 60 days if you aren't satisfied.

It costs either $495 in one lump sum or three payments of $195, with one payment due each month.


  • Course breaks down all aspects of selling on Amazon
  • Great sellers with beginner and medium experience
  • Lots of value for the cost of the program
  • Multi-payment option 


  • Not for advanced sellers looking for information on scaling


4.) Proven Amazon Course 2.0


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Proven Amazon Course has proven its worthiness as a great program.

Taught by Jim Cockrum, it’s earned an audience from around the globe. 

Since starting in 2009, Proven Amazon Course has grown, giving thoughtful advice about how to make something of yourself on Amazon.

The Proven Amazon Course isn’t about just making a little money on the side.

It can help you actually become a force to be reckoned with in the Amazon seller community.

The whole program costs $497. Included is the ability to
join the Proven Amazon Course group on Facebook. 

Success won’t just come because you bought this course.

You’ll also need to put its methods into practice.


  • In-depth, comprehensive training
  • Great if you have previous experience selling on Amazon
  • Low cost for program
  • Can be purchased in 3 installment payments


  • Not ideal for new sellers


3.) The Wholesale Formula


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Eric Lambert and Dan Meadors, the creators of The Wholesale Formula, have become multiple eight-figure Amazon sellers through sound calculations, and they can help the same happen to you.

The Wholesale Formula, you’ll learn all about getting started, product selection, scaling of your FBA business, and much more.

Focused on wholesale business, in which companies buy large amounts of products for resell, The Wholesale Formula uses a truly methodical system for getting a business going.

With great wholesale practices, you can develop permanent relationships with other businesses and grow your company’s size and income.

To make this happen, though, you first need to learn from pros like these. Take notes as you follow the course and think about what you could focus on for your wholesale business.

The cost of the program is less of a burden when you realize how much you can make with your new knowledge. The adage that you have to spend money to make money is especially true with this program.

Every video will be yours to watch. You’ll get a detailed course that goes into everything from an overview of wholesale to the sharpest business practices when it comes to working with others.

You’ll also become part of the Facebook group where you can interact with other students of the program.

The Wholesale Formula costs $2,497 with the option to be paid in three payments. If you aren't satisfied after 30 days, you can get a refund of your purchase.


  • Comprehensive seller training
  • Great for mid-level to experienced Amazon sellers
  • Interactive Facebook group to ask questions to course creators and other members
  • Payment plan for course cost 


  • High cost at $2,497
  • Not an ideal beginner course


2.) Amazing Selling Machine


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Your products need to be quality, and you need to know how to market them. Amazing Selling Machine is an excellent program for understanding FBA from A to Z.

An all-encompassing FBA course, Amazing Selling Machine will turn you into a pro when it comes to online retail. For the best results, you’ll have to be as prudent as possible with what products you choose.

This is one of the more expensive FBA courses you’ll find. However, as the saying goes, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get."

Because of the power-packed value, the high price point is well justified and helps to make things more exclusive.

By having a high barrier to entry, you get FBA training that other sellers aren't, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Those who use this program are serious about entrepreneurship about working their way towards financial freedom and achievement.

Amazing Selling Machine is an exclusive program that only opens up a few times per year so try to make your reservation when you can.

There’s already a great deal of anticipation built up for it for version 11. 


  • Downloadable course assets and SOP's for critical seller tasks
  • A special product automation research tool for finding the hottest products to sell
  • Excellent for medium and advanced sellers looking to scale to 7 and 8 figures.
  • Guaranteed money back after 30 days
  • BuyBack Guarantee after six months for all inventory lower than $5000


  • Not for beginning Amazon sellers
  • High price at $4,997


1.) Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass: Kevin David


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass has been responsible for hundreds of 6 figure to 7 figure sellers. (And even a dozen 8 figure sellers) 

It’s a great place to start if you have no idea where to begin.

There’s a great deal of positive feedback and success stories with this course. It takes FBA sellers with any level of experience from A-Z with video lessons that are consistently updated.

Also, you can discuss issues and get to know your fellow members as part of the private Facebook group. Which is invaluable.

While there are thousands of people who use this program, things can still feel pretty intimate.

Try and see if you can strike up a mentor-student relationship with more experienced sellers.

Kevin David is active on messenger for this course. He offers responses to questions in no more than 24 hours. He can feel a lot like a caring teacher, guiding you through this process.

Lots of deals can be found when you use Ninja Masterclass. This is really good to know, as the price is $1997.

Be sure you only sign up for this if you’re confident about it. The investment isn’t as much as AMS11, but it’s still relatively expensive to other courses on this list.

As long as you’re someone who thinks like an entrepreneur, who can rise to the occasion and doesn’t just look for shortcuts,
Ninja Masterclass can be right for you.



  • Excellent student success rate
  • One of the largest online communities of any Amazon seller course
  • Direct access to Kevin David where you can ask questions
  • Updated videos and constantly expanding the video library
  • Can pay in five installments
  • For sellers with any experience level


  • High price at $1,997. This can be beyond the budget for sellers new to Amazon FBA



Are These Courses Essential For Selling Through Amazon?

There’s definitely a lot you can learn about selling on Amazon through free sources, such as YouTube or other sites. You might also just try to wing it and see how you do.

Doing things this way isn’t ideal, but you may just be the one in a thousand-person who can achieve success this way. For the most part though, learning from an experienced seller is the right way to go.

You may be hesitant to invest hundreds to thousands of dollars, but what if you're 90% of the way to achieving a 6-7 figure store? These experienced FBA mentors can be the last piece of the puzzle.

And if you clearly see that things aren't working out, then you still have the money-back guarantee period where you can get a refund.

We can’t review every free Amazon FBA program, but we can tell you that many of them are worth exactly what they cost: nothing.

You’ll need to make an investment, just like when starting any new business, so putting some money towards proper training shouldn’t be considered impractical.

Paid FBA programs can be expensive, but that’s because they have value.

Putting yourself into these programs will help you get a lot more out. Be an active part of the community by continually asking questions and getting things clarified.

Set aside time for your studying at least a few times a week. And most of all take consistent action towards your goals.

Consistency is a major key to success, as is having the right resources at your disposal.

Some people have ever spent money on courses that were just schemes to help scammers line their pockets.

Any of these five courses are worth joining. Just consider your experience level before you choose.

Is selling on Amazon FBA worth it in 2020?

Selling on Amazon FBA isn’t hard in the sense of being physically taxing, but it can take a lot of you. The more you use the guidance offered by these programs, the easier things can be.

Some of this can be tedious, such as keeping track of inventory, cost of goods sold, and returns, but it all matters. This is like training in the gym before you have a game.

Can you really make money on Amazon FBA?

You can make money, but have to consider your expenses. Typically, third is taken by Amazon, another third goes into paying for cost of goods and advertising, and the last third goes to you.

Don’t think you’ll automatically be in the red. You’ll have far fewer expenses than you would if Amazon wasn’t acting as a middleman.

Can you make a full time living selling on Amazon?

You definitely could. However, it’s up to you to make it happen. You might have to keep your day job going for a while when first launching your business.

Is this the kind of sacrifice you’re willing to make?

With many others who have risen to the occasion to serve as examples, you should aim high. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier, and anything worth doing is going to be hard.

You might not have the biggest business after only a few weeks, but over time you can certainly earn a full-time income.

Final Thoughts

There’s more to selling via Amazon than just putting some products up for sale. These courses are for getting into the nuts and bolts of selling, beyond what any layperson could come up with.

Which one is the absolute best? That’s hard to say, since they’re all quite excellent. We just encourage you to choose which one is best for your level and your budget.

Give yourself lots of time to take in the lessons and develop the right business plan. We hope that we can someday buy something from you.

Course Minds is a team of highly experienced educators, trainers, entrepreneurs, and business experts who help you discover the best e-learning courses, training, and certification programs online. Our team has spent thousands of hours researching the top classes to recommend and have helped more than 800,000+ learners find their ideal courses. 

Course Minds Team

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