Reviewing Teachable: Is This Course Builder Worth It? (Updated for 2020)

 May 23, 2020

By  Course Minds Team

Creating an online course takes passion, persistence, focus, and hard work.

But you also need the right tools to make it a success.

Spending hours upon hours organizing your course content into a format your students can easily digest is not a small feat.

Creating your own website to host your course can take thousands of dollars and hours of upfront work.

This can be a total headache, especially for beginners or people who aren’t as tech-savvy.

This is where course platforms like Teachable, can help you solve these significant issues.

In this review, we’re going to be covering the benefits and drawbacks of this learning management system to help you decide if Teachable is the right software for your needs.

Here’s the rundown.

Teachable is an all-in-one online course platform that promises to provide a world-class learning environment with the highest quality.

Some of the most appealing features of this software include:

  • Small learning curve
  • Great learning environment
  • Customization for your website
  • Mobile-friendly and optimized platform
  • Efficient organization for all your course content

Besides the features, Teachables’ popularity, success results, and historical track record can give you the confidence that you’re dealing with a top-notch company.

Here are some of the most eye-popping statistics. (As of May 2020)

  • Over 25 million students
  • 200,000 active online courses
  • 75,000 teachers and instructors
  • $400 million has been earned by course instructors


The overall value provided in this course builder relative to some competitors.


The amount of essential and key features included relative to other softwares.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course builder relative to other competitors

Every course creator can benefit from Teachable, regardless of the topic or niche that you specialize in.

We love the flexible pricing options that are available, as there is a plan for everyone. You can
sign up for free initially to get familiar with the platform, and if you like it, you can upgrade with no problem.

The Professional Plan is our favorite because of the full features included and affordable price. By upgrading to this plan, you don't have to pay any transaction fees on course purchases.

This plan offers certificates of completion for students, higher quality design options, and the ability to create and offer quizzes. 

Uploading course content, organizing it, and launching your course is very simple once you get the hang of this platform. 

By spending a couple of hours, you can easily navigate this platform and get your first course launched.


  • Add an unlimited number of students and courses
  • Can setup an instant payout option (instead of waiting for 30 days)
  • You can drip out your course content on a set schedule
  • Setup automated email campaigns to communicate with students and new prospects
  • Take the in-depth course creation training inside your members area


  • You have to pay 5 percent transaction fees on the Basic Plan
  • If you don't want the Teachable brand on all of your courses, you have to upgrade to Professional


Who Is This Platform Best For?

Anyone who's not tech-savvy or doesn't want a large learning curve should consider this site.

There is a lot of features that make organizing the order and structure of your lessons easy, like the drag and drop builder. 

Focusing on the actual course lessons, selling your course, and the success of your students should be the priorities for you, NOT spending all of your time on trying to figure out a new learning management system. 

This platform is one of the most user friendly, intuitive builders on the market which means you can allocate your resources most efficiently.

Tips for New Users

Before you start to create your course, use the following tips to help you get started on the right foot:

  • Watch the tutorial video to get a 30,000 foot overview of the platform so you can get a general layout of where everything is located. 
  • Experiment with the course creation tools. Using the drag and drop feature is likely going to be the best thing for a new Teachable user because this tool helps you organize and structure the order of your lessons. 
  • Using the free plan can be great to get a feel for the platform, but if you already have students who bought the course they can watch all lessons right away. This may be counter productive for them so consider upgrading your plan to get the drip course content feature.

Teachable Pricing

There are 4 different options that you have when signing up for Teachable. Each plan has benefits and drawbacks so you'll have to review which features you actual need for your course and what your budget is.

Please note: The pricing you see in this review is based on the time of writing. Each plan's costs may change in the future.

Here are the 4 plan options:

Free Plan

The price for the Free Plan is that you don’t get all of the benefits and features included.

However, if you’re on the fence about signing up for the paid version, this plan gives you a chance to experiment with the platform before you upgrade to the plan with more features.

Business Plan - $249 per month

If you are a corporation, large organization, or university who needs to create a sizable course catalog, then the business plan is likely going to be your top choice.

You can have multiple admin users and make your student enrollment process more streamlined with bulk enrollments plus, you can manually import students.

Professional Plan - $99 per month

This is the plan that we use and what we typically recommend for people. You get all of the benefits of the basic plan plus 0% transaction fees.

Additionally, you get features like quizzes, course certifications, reports with more advanced stats and insights, and more customizable options.

Basic Plan - $29 per month 

The biggest drawback to this plan is the 5 percent transaction fee, but it’s significantly better than the Free plan.

You can drip your course content out, use third-party app integrations, and have unlimited courses and students.

Keep in mind that the transaction fee is ON TOP of the charges from your payment processors.

For example, if you sell a course for $1,000, you’ll pay 50$ to Teachable, and another 3% if you use Paypal (approximate). In total, you’ll pay approximately 80$ in fees for each course you sell.

It might be worth it to upgrade your plan if you have many students.

Teachable Alternatives

1. Thinkific 


The overall value provided in this course builder relative to some competitors.


The amount of essential and key features included relative to other softwares.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course builder relative to other competitors

Thinkific is a great alternative due to it's competitive pricing, great features, and overall quality of the platform.

Among the key features are, over 1,500 app integrations available, email campaign automation, and unlimited students.

You can 
get one month free with their Pro Plan and can make unlimited courses.

There are slight differences with features and pricing compared to Teachable, but the main thing you'll want to consider is how user friendly the platform is. 


  • Add an unlimited number of students and courses
  • Create special coupons to help incentivize prospects to sign up
  • Drip your course content out on a particular schedule
  • Setup and send automated email campaigns for communication with your current students and prospects.
  • 0% transaction fees


  • Not allowed to make courses private on Basic plan
  • Priority support is only available on the higher tier plans


2. Kajabi 


The overall value provided in this course builder relative to some competitors.


The amount of essential and key features included relative to other softwares.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course builder relative to other competitors

Kajabi is an excellent option if you’re looking for more of a high-end course builder.

You can choose from many themes, get a lot out of their email promotion systems, and enjoy things like their online tools and blogs.

Kajabi's course hosting is more costly but it could be worth it for you if you're looking for a highly professional course presentation. 

Example: If you are a business coach teaching other business professionals how to create a course. 

The $119 per month is the lowest available, so this platform isn't ideal for most people. However, there is a lot more perceived value with a high-end builder which may make it easier to sell students. 

Among the highlights of this software are it's incredible reputation, thousands of available courses, and $600 million + earned from instructors. 


  • Run webinars and other promotional events
  • All plans have unlimited email and landing pages included 
  • Get an online course education with their learning university
  • Drip out course lessons
  • There are no transaction fees for EVERY plan


  • Not for beginners
  • A higher end platform means higher pricing. This is one of the more costly builders.

Final Thoughts

Teachable all in one course builder that can take a complete novice from A-Z of the course creation process.

Competitive pricing, tons of features, and an easy course builder make this software so desirable to millions of people. 

The bottom line is that this is an excellent platform for a course creator that wants to spend more of their valuable time giving lessons than struggling to organize and structure their course.

You can sign up for a free trial here, which will give you access to the main features and give you a better idea if this platform will work for you. 

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