Reviewing Amazing Selling Machine: Scam or Worth The Money? (Updated for 2021)

 May 31, 2020

By  Course Minds Team

You can become your own boss easier than ever with help from the internet.

Creating your own business takes a lot of dedication, but if you really want to earn financial freedom and live on your terms, you could be just a few steps away from turning that dream into a reality.

But how do you start a business when it seems like everyone else is doing it? You need to find customers and clients, and even running a business just to make some side money can be pretty demanding.

It’s not just about avoiding mistakes. It’s also about doing things in a way that sets you apart from your competition, so you have an advantage.

Amazing Selling Machine is an excellent program for learning how to start an Amazon FBA business.

You’ll find out about every essential piece of the puzzle, from developing, launching, and scaling your business to becoming a trusted brand in the marketplace.

I’ve put together this guide about the Amazing Selling Machine to give you the benefits and drawbacks of starting an FBA business and if this course is a good fit for you.

When you’re finished reading it, you should know if this business model is something you'd like to pursue.

Amazing Selling Machine sprang from the minds of Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.

For nearly a decade, it’s provided budding entrepreneurs with the most cutting edge training on selling physical products on Amazon.


The overall value provided in this course relative to some other FBA training programs.

Success Rate

The amount of students who take this course and create successful FBA businesses.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other competing courses.

Since so many people are buying products from Amazon, a program like Amazing Selling Machine is incredibly useful in showing you how to sell your own products.

This eight-week course has an A-Z training approach that helps beginners through advanced sellers from product research, creating your store, marketing your products, and scaling your store.

Besides having great products, you also need to have a compelling brand. Amazing Selling Machine can teach you about creating a brand that people know and love.

One of the drawbacks is that there's quite a cost for this program. You need to be sure that you’re ready to put yourself to work and endure uncertainty as you get your business started.

However, when you consider all you get with this course, it can be one of the best investments you ever make.

A few overlooked values provided are the private community of people just like you, who are 6,7, and even 8 figure FBA sellers. You can interact and learn from real people who are actually doing what they say.

The Mentor program and vault for all the tools you need just take this course to the next level.


  • Downloadable FBA course assets and operating procedures for essential seller tasks
  • A unique product research tool for discovering the most popular products 
  • Great for medium to advanced level FBA sellers
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • BuyBack Guarantee - all inventory lower than $5000 will be bought after a 6 month time period


  • One of the highest priced courses on Amazon selling
  • Complete beginners may have a hard time with this course


Eight-Week Course

You can take the Amazing Selling Machine course with any browser. There’s also no time limit for finishing it.

With its eight different modules, this course is value packed and quite comprehensive.

Lesson 1 - How To Build A Product Opportunity List

When you first start an Amazon store, you should be thinking not about products but your brand. Clarity on your brand will help you build out your product list.

This module teaches you all about that. Think about how many products you’ve purchased due to trust towards the name attached.

Lesson 2 - Product Suppliers & Online Presence

You can’t be expected to make all the products you sell yourself. You need to get them from suppliers and develop solid business relationships.

This module will teach all about that and more about the financial demands on your end as a seller. You'll also learn how to establish a presence online to reflect your brand in the most positive light.

Lesson 3 - Brand Creation & Inventory Management

Aspects like design are immensely important when promoting your brand. This module teaches you about creating a brand that reflects the products you're selling.

There are also many logistics with inventory so you learn about how to order and manage it in this lesson.

Lesson 4 & 5 - How To Build Brand Assets

These two modules help to hammer home how vital it is to get your brand off-the-ground and what you can do to make it one that really sticks in people’s minds.

The assets you create and tools you use are explained in this lesson.

Lesson 6 - Perfecting Product Launches

Getting your product out there comes after much buildup.

This module helps you time things just right with getting the word out about your product and making it one that people are drawn to.

Lesson 7 - Mastery Level Tools & Marketing

Amazon can help you in lots of ways, including providing coupons and ads.

This module can help you with that and ways you can add value and make consistent positive impressions on your customers.

Lesson 8 - Advanced Scaling Strategies & Tactics

When the program has finished, you can find out how to make a truly impressive business.

This lesson shows you how to take consistent, impactful actions in growing your business.

The Mentor Program

After finishing the eight-week program, you’ll need to venture to The mentor Program.

This can provide lots of inspiration, as you can learn from those who’ve succeeded where you want to.

These are people who are happy to spread their wisdom and assist you.

The ability to ask questions and get feedback from successful sellers is an invaluable aspect of this training program.

Exclusive & Private Community

Joining this group is really impressive. You can talk with other sellers and realize the different opportunities that are available to you.

There are even coaching sessions hosted by members to help you to learn even more. You’ll also have permanent access to this community.

Vault of Tools & Resources

Gain private access to vault of tools and resources the ASM creators. 

These are actual components of what made their own businesses so successful.

These resources include: Templates, standard operating procedures for business tasks, and much more.

Unique ASM Tools

There are four essential tools you can use with Amazing Selling Machine.

1st Tool - Brand Launchpad

With Brand Launchpad, you’ll learn how to generate traffic to your store. The initial six months of Brand Launchpad are free.

2nd Tool - Amazon Analytics

There are a lot of numbers that you need to track as a seller. You’ll also be able to send emails instantly to buyers with this tool. Access is free for a year.

3rd Tool - ASM Business Dashboard

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by having to keep track of all this information and tasks.

This tool keeps everything in good order and provides you with important business updates.

4th Tool - Keyword & Product Research

You should want to know how other stores and performing.

This tool helps you track competitor information and strengthen your product.

ASM Alternatives

1. Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass

by Kevin David



The overall value provided in this course relative to some other FBA training programs.

Success Rate

The amount of students who take this course and create successful FBA businesses.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other competing courses.

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David has been directly responsible in creating hundreds of 6, 7, and 8 figure FBA sellers. 

It is an excellent alternative to ASM in terms of value, plus it's more affordable. ​

There is not the Mentor program or as many tools and resources in Kevin David's course which isn't ideal, but that's what makes up the difference in pricing.

Similarly to ASM, this takes people A-Z steps for selling on Amazon. 

There is also a private Facebook group where you can interact with Kevin and other members. 

This course is more geared towards beginners, while ASM is more for medium to advanced level sellers who want to scale an already decently successful business. 


  • Excellent track record of student success
  • One of the biggest FBA seller communities online
  • A-Z training best suited for beginners
  • Can pay in five installments
  • More affordable than ASM


  • Not as in-depth as ASM in terms of medium and advanced level strategies
  • No mentor program or customized FBA tools like ASM


2. The Wholesale Formula



The overall value provided in this course relative to some other FBA training programs.

Success Rate

The amount of students who take this course and create successful FBA businesses.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other competing courses.

With The Wholesale Formula, you’ll learn directly from 8 figure FBA sellers on getting your store started, selecting products, and scaling tactics when you're ready to take it to the next level.

Dan Meadors and Eric Lambert have created a program with hundreds of successful students at a price point that is less than ASM and FBA Ninja Masterclass.

However, the business model is slightly different than these two, since it's more focused on wholesale selling. This is a method where companies purchase a large quantity of products and resell them.

Although the price is less than the previous two courses, we'd say that there isn't as much value packed into the course. 

Deciding which aspects of a course are most important to you will be the defining factor on which one you choose. 


  • Great people interested in wholesale selling
  • Active Facebook group where you can ask creators and other members questions
  • Payment plan available
  • More affordable than ASM and Ninja Masterclass


  • Not nearly as comprehensive as the other two courses
  • Specialized wholesaling business model isn't ideal for most 


Final Thoughts

Just like every course, there are benefits and drawbacks to Amazing Selling Machine. Which course you choose depends on your budget, experience level, and features you're looking for.

Whichever course you choose, the success you have lies within your persistence, hard work, and ability to adapt. You won’t just be learning with this program. You’ll continue to learn as you actually start selling products.

You’ll find out how to make your products stand out, work with other businesses, best satisfy your customers, and keep on delivering on every possible front.

We can’t promise you’ll be an overnight sensation or that everything will go perfectly. However, Amazing Selling Machine can realistically cut your learning curve in half and massively accelerate your success.

You can visit their official website here for more information. Best of luck on your selling journey!

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