Top 5 Facebook Ads Courses (Updated for 2021)

 September 3, 2020

By  Course Minds Team

Using Facebook for advertising is an essential part of any marketing plan. All businesses need to understand outreach, whether they’re trying to make a name for themselves in their local community or on every continent.

Thanks to Facebook and other social media platforms, that sort of outreach can be accomplished incredibly quickly and efficiently.

With more outreach can come more visibility, sales opportunities, and profits. Businesses can skyrocket in worth thanks to using Facebook. 

Think of how many products, services, and companies you first became aware of thanks to an eye-catching Facebook ad.

However, with so many people using Facebook Ads for their business, you must stand out. Otherwise, you could become one of those business owners who find no success with Facebook advertising and gives up before learning how to use them properly.

Facebook Ads are used by both companies with international presence and ones that are just getting off the ground.

They’re able to reach people like you while not spending excessive amounts. A strong Facebook ad campaign can be the difference between a business taking off and just staying in limbo.

But what you get out of Facebook Ads depends on what you put into it. We’re not just talking about money when we say that, either.

While Facebook Ads is pretty user friendly, having real success with it is a steeper learning curve than you may imagine.

The people who experience the most success are the ones who either put 10,000 hours into learning everything themselves or those who take courses from experts who have had real success and can teach you a systematic method for duplicating their results.

After personally taking dozens of courses, watching hours of Youtube videos, and running Facebook ad campaigns ourselves, we are confident in saying that these are the five best Facebook ad courses on the market today.

The most-expensive are the first two. These go the most in-depth, but the other three are more affordable and may better match your needs. We want you to have as much information as possible before you plunge into this exciting new world.

Here's the rundown.

Facebook Ad Course Guide

5.) LinkedIn Learning: Free Course for Beginners


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

LinkedIn Learning: Free Facebook Course for Beginners was created by Megan Adams.

It doesn’t cost anything, but it still teaches some valuable basic concepts.

Among the best tips of Megan’s course is figuring out what other businesses are doing. This can help you keep up with them or get ahead.

Megan shows you how to get your advertising campaigns started and some different tactics you can test.

There’s also some useful information for people experienced with Facebook Advertising but need more instruction in certain areas for better results.

However, if you’re serious about furthering your business through Facebook Ads, this course might not go as far as you need it.


  • Free to try out
  • Good starter course for beginners


  • Lacks in-depth strategies
  • Not an A-Z program
  • No customer service


4.) LinkedIn Learning: Advanced Training


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

This is another Megan Adams course, but it has a lot more information than the other one.

You might decide to get both courses, with the first one easing you in and the second one helping to strengthen your understanding.

Her advanced course goes further than rudimentary lessons. You can turn a campaign into something that gets bigger and bigger without you losing track of it.

There’s also a free month trial.


  • Advanced tactics for ads
  • Solid program for more advanced marketers


  • Theory based training
  • Not an A-Z program
  • No customer service


3.) Creating Effective Ads by Billy Gene


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Created by Billy Gene, CreativeLive: Facebook Advertising Training is lots of fun. One of the most enjoyable aspects is listening to Billy. 

He’s got lots of energy that makes him a great presenter. However, underneath his flash is plenty of substance.

With 18 modules, presented via Creativelive, Billy goes through all the important parts of Facebook ads. 

As you follow along with these lessons, you should also be nodding along. His advice makes sense without coming across as redundant.

Billy speaks like someone who really cares. He wants the best for your and your own business.

Plus, you can learn more through the included Marketing Workbook. This teaches a lot about various ad strategies.


  • Course breaks down the critical steps for running ads
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable program


  • Not for advanced advertisers looking to scale 
  • Customer support isn't great


2.) Facebook Ads University By JR Fisher


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

You might already have your degree from one college, but Facebook Ads University By JR Fisher provides you with an incredible education, one that could make you into an internet entrepreneur.

This class takes you step-by-step through Facebook advertising tactics. You can get your feet wet and turn a promising business into a force.

It costs half as much as our #1 course on this list, which is definitely important to consider. 

However, our number one course has more information and better instruction, so it's a matter of breaking down the pros and cons before making your decision.

You might discover this webinar gives you everything you need, at least to start.


  • Simple instructions with videos
  • Uses applicable scenarios to help you understand
  • Coaching available every week
  • Software to examine audience habits
  • Tool to help make Facebook ads
  • Tool to help make Facebook fan page
  • Spy software
  • Multi-payment available


  • JR Fisher can improve with his communication style
  • The software can feel clumsy and confusing when you’re starting
  • Less customer success testimonials than our #1 course
  • Could be considered pretty expensive to some


1.) Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass: Kevin David


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Entrepreneur Kevin David is a key example of how much Facebook Ads can boost your business. You’ve probably seen him on different social media sites. That shows just how much marketing pull he has.

While this might seem intrusive, Kevin actually has a lot to teach, especially when it comes to Facebook Ads. This particular class is a strong course that can help turn you into a Facebook advertising wizard.

Kevin’s personal experience not only makes him a great teacher, but also one who's teaching you what he does himself, not just theory. He’s able to share this information in a very clear manner.

He can also help save you from overspending. Without Kevin’s guidance, you might think that you need to drop several paychecks on your advertising to see a profit. That’s not the case.
Your profit margins can be increased significantly without breaking the bank.

There’s over 100 videos in Kevin’s class. These provide a thorough examination of online advertising and what you need to know. 

If you’ve researched Facebook advertising before, some of this information might be familiar with you. Regardless, it would help if you listened closely to all of it. Kevin has a real knack for explaining things.

Should you just use his no-cost training program, you’ll still receive lots of value. This is a great way to get introduced to Kevin and his ways. Among the best qualities of it are:

 - It provides immediately applicable tips
  - Comprehensive enough to feel confident starting your own campaign
  - You can get a strong sense of Kevin’s teaching style

You have my and Kevin’s word that this is a great course, but you also have plenty of positive remarks from others who’ve used this program.

You just need to make sure you’re actually taking these lessons to heart, because Kevin’s not going to come over to make sure you’re doing everything he said to.

Here are some of our favorite qualities of the course.

1. Massive Online Community

Many people question the efficacy or validity of a course based on how many other people are using and how many people have had success with it.

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is one of the largest online communities with hundreds of success testimonials.

Not only do you have access to Kevin, but you can ask your direct questions to thousands of other brilliant marketers who are experienced as well.

Kevin has created an open community where people celebrate each others successes, which encourages people to share their strategies and tips with one another.

2. Step-by-Step Guidance

You don’t need to have an MBA or any kind of prestigious experience to learn excellent marketing skills. This masterclass is streamlined without being shallow.

You’ll be able to make connections between these lessons and your business pretty easily, while also helping to correct some bad habits you might’ve fallen into it.

3. Testimonials

The people who’ve had good experiences this masterclass aren’t shy about letting you know.

When you see how much this course helps your business, you’ll probably be jumping at any chance to spread its gospel.

4. All Experience Levels Welcome

Kevin gives you his “over the shoulder” point of view when covering each topic.

From the smallest of details, he covers everything from a beginner perspective all the way to more advanced strategies and tactics.

Learn how to research, setup, optimize, track and scale your ads to infinity and beyond.

You don't need to be an expert or have ever even created an ad before to gain something from this course.


  • The instruction is simple to understand. Kevin doesn’t rush through things or talk about concepts in a way that can’t be easily understood.
  • You’ll be eased into the course, so you don’t have to have any kind of experience .
  • Direct access to Kevin David where you can ask questions
  •  Updated course videos and expanding video library
  • Kevin has seen significant success through Facebook Ads. You can trust his judgement.
  • Regular updates means that the information you get is going to be relevant to the current Facebook Ads landscape
  • There are lots of people in the Facebook group with great advice
  • There are tips that you might’ve never otherwise discovered or thought of


  • Early stages of this course can be tedious for advanced marketers
  • The price might seem pretty expensive
  • You need to be committed to Facebook advertising if you want to really see the benefits of this course.
  • Kevin’s methods can seem a little overbearing at first.



What are Facebook Ads?

Any ad that you’re seeing in your Facebook feed comes from Facebook Ads. These pop up on both mobile and desktop sites. You might seem them along with posts from friends or off to the side.

People use Facebook Ads to promote their business and make money. All you really need is a product or service to advertise and the right outreach methods.

How much do I need to spend on Facebook Ads?

There’s no specific cost for Facebook Ads campaigns, and how much you pay depends on how many people click on an ad and how much those clicks cost. You can expect to spend more than 50 cents on average for each click.

There’s also ad auction, which shows who will be targeted by different ads. This can definitely help you go a lot further with a campaign. It depends on having a strong bid and having a desirable ad that could reach the right people. If you’re going to use this, make sure you feel 100 percent about your ad.

Is advertising on Facebook worth it?

Facebook Ads works, but your success depends on using it well. If someone used television advertising to promote their family restaurant, but only aired commercials at 2 in the morning, they wouldn’t able to blame the advertising medium for their lack of customers.

There are other ways to advertise online, but Facebook Ads is one of the most economical and one of the most rewarding.

You can break down your desired audience quite easily so that you reach the right people. As you’ve probably seen, Facebook Ads that show up in your feed tend to align with your likes and interests.

What makes an ad campaign successful?

Your ads need to be attention-grabbing but also informative. It should immediately make someone stop scrolling so they can read more about your business before making a decision that’d be positive for your business.

However, your shouldn’t just stop at one ad. It would help if you targeted different demographics. You need to make people from different backgrounds feel heard.

When you make your ad, you should have a clear directive. It could be buying a product from you or signing a petition.

Make sure there’s nothing even slightly confusing about your phrasing because a lack of clarity will have potential customers scrolling away without giving your ad a second thought.

Don’t bet the farm on just one ad. Running ads simultaneously lets you see which one has the most potential.

Keep these ads distinct from each other so that you can see which tactics are getting the most response.

How do you make a Facebook Ad?

It’s really easy to make a Facebook ad, but the above-mentioned courses are useful for going beyond a basic understanding. Facebook gives you step-by-step breakdowns of how to get an ad posted.

To start, you need to have an objective. These include growing your revenue or finding more social media fans.

After that, go into the demographics you want to reach. This could be based on someone’s likes, where they live, gender, and career.

You can also choose where you want your ad to be posted. Facebook has a wide reach in terms of internet presence, so you could have one ad posted on Facebook while another one is on Instagram.

To avoid getting in financial trouble, you can get a budget set up for your ad campaigns. This can be how much you’re willing to spend overall or on a day-by-day basis. When the limit has been met, Facebook can shut off your ad.

Facebook Ads aren’t just still images either. Look through the six difference choices and decide which would work best for you. It all depends on what you’re promoting.

When your ad is made, it’ll be brought to Ad Auction to find an enthralled audience hopefully. Use Ads Manager to track your ad’s progress, but don’t obsess over it. Try to limit yourself to looking at these numbers no more than once a day. 

Final Thoughts

Advertising on Facebook can be extremely profitable for a business, but in order to run ads effectively without costing an "arm and a leg", you'll want to ensure you're using cutting edge strategies that are up to date.

These FB ad courses are a great way to cut your learning curve in half on your way to becoming an expert.

Which one is best for you? Well, best is subjective so we encourage you to select a course that matches your needs. 

Our personal favorite is Kevin David's masterclass because of it's comprehensive A-Z training and overwhelming amount of success stories. 

You can watch his free training here, before you decide on whether you'd like to purchase the full course. 

Good luck!

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