Top 5 Shopify Courses: Which One Is Worth It? (Updated for 2020)

 September 4, 2020

By  Course Minds Team

There are so many great ways to learn through the internet. You can take courses without worrying about expensive tuition or overcrowded classrooms. This flexibility and low cost of entry could lead to you starting your own company or side hustle, thanks to things you’ve learned online.

E-Commerce is just a fancy word for selling products online. There are numerous advantages to this, including reaching a wider audience and not spending money on a brick-and-mortar space, which lowers operating costs and significantly increases profit margins.

Dropshipping is a process that enables people to act as the middleman between suppliers and customers. If you dropship products, you are the one providing the online platform for customers to discover products they want to buy.

When a customer buys something, the supplier has the responsibility of shipping the product directly to the customer. This removes many of the complexities of e-commerce you'd typically have to handle, like holding inventory.

It might seem like everyone with a business should be dropshipping, but it’s got more of a learning curve than you might expect. Going into it with too much confidence and not enough preparation could mean you get frustrated and give up before experience any success.

Success in dropshipping takes a combination of having great products, strong suppliers, good marketing tactics, and money-handling skills.

But how do you begin to learn about E-commerce? Where do you start?

You have a couple of options. You can learn everything yourself by spending years using trial and error, or you can cut your learning curve in half by learning directly from experienced entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated success.

E-Commerce courses taught by people with proven success are what most people opt for, and Shopify is one of the best platforms to set up your store. In this article, we've listed the three best Shopify courses to consider. 

3.) eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Adrian Morrison is an experienced and successful internet marketer who has made an excellent eCom Success Academy course

He knows how much potential there is in Shopify, and has five different sections with his program.

1. Main Course

More than 100 classes are in the first section. These go over everything you can think of in regards to Shopify and more.

Even people who think they know Shopify can be impressed by the information provided here.

2. Live Industry Updates

Adrian keeps users afloat about what’s going on with E-Commerce. These are weekly updates that can help you decide where to take your business.

3. Shopify Product Discounts

Shopify actually endorses Adrian’s program. Therefore, you’ll get a 15 percent discount on their items when you purchase.

4. Shopify Apps

There are apps you can use to get more out of Shopify. Adrian names some of these here.

5. Live Daily Training

Every day of the week, there are training pieces that help turn a dream from an idea into a fledgling business.

There are other goodies to be found in Adrian’s program. You can find out what products are hottest and how you can reach your desired audience.


  • Lots of extra features and secret additions to course
  • Main course is A-Z training for all experience levels
  • Teaches about art licensing
  • Beginner friendly
  • Payment plan available


  • Single payment of $2,495
  • The price is steep for many


2.) eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

Another great course is by Franklin Hatchett. He’s become an icon in E-Commerce.

However, that hasn’t kept him from understanding how to relate to people who want to start their businesses and help guide them to their own success.

eCom Elites includes 10 Masterclasses that are essential for anyone seeking E-Commerce success.

Class 1: Creating Your Store

This class teaches you about how to set up your store for your success and your customers’ satisfactions.

Class 2: Sourcing Products

You need to have top-notch qualities for your business and know how to source them, which this class is all about

Class 3: Facebook Traffic

Facebook is an excellent way to gain an audience for your business. This class teaches you about reaching out to people on Facebook, such as through targeted advertising.

Class 4: Instagram Traffic

Another great social outlet is Instagram. You can turn people scrolling through photos into new customers.

Class 5: Email Marketing

Your inbox is probably full of emails from email marketing campaigns. This class teaches you how to use email marketing in the best way.

Class 6: Chatbots

Chatbots can be surprisingly great when it comes to outreach. Use this class to yield the best results possible.

Class 7: Funnel Traffic Foundation

Franklin has his own way of gaining traffic with sales funnels. This class helps you use his tips as a template for your own traffic-gaining methods.

Class 8: Google Ads Traffic

Google Ads is a great way to get business. This class teaches about making excellent ads to gain customers, with lots of great models to choose from.

Class 9: Organic Google Traffic

Learn how to get more organic traffic through Google in this SEO class.

Class 10: Top Secret

Franklin's program includes exclusive, top secret tips and strategies for becoming a market leader.

When you join, you’ll get access to the Facebook community. You can interact with him and learn more about his methods.


  • Very affordable - $197 for Standard version, $297 for Ultimate
  • Thorough - Provides everything you need to get started
  • Private Facebook community where you can talk to Franklin
  • Top secret class
  • Chatbot training


  • No YouTube traffic training
  • All traffic training is beginner level
  • Advanced sellers may not benefit as much


1.) Shopify Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David


The overall value provided in this course relative to competing courses.

Success Rate

The number of students who make money after going through this course.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this course relative to other courses. 

One of the biggest names in E-Commerce, Kevin David has great courses.

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass shows you how Kevin has turned a strong understanding of Shopify into another revenue stream for his empire. With his help, you might have what it takes to start an empire of your own.

Kevin’s advice is beneficial because he understands what new business owners need.

The training is exactly what he uses himself, not just theory-based. He makes each course-specific while keeping things consistent quality-wise.

You can go from a Shopify novice to a pro in a short amount of time. Kevin’s class uses five modules. As you get through each one, your confidence and skillset will grow.

Module 1: Finding your Home-Run Product

The first module helps you figure out which products you should sell. You’ll see what people want and how to bring it to them.

This can set you up for success, as product quality can largely determine your business's fate.

Module 2: Finding The Right Supplier

Your supplier is an integral part of your business. With this module, you can get the right suppliers and create the best possible relationship with them. Faster delivery is also possible when you have the right supplier available.

Module 3: Creating Your Shopify Store

Making your store with Shopify needs to be done with care. The third module optimizes it so that customers can navigate easily. Keep your store from being confusing or uninteresting by learning the fundamentals in this module.

Module 4: Marketing Your Products

Marketing is a lot more than just commercials. Any product or service you’ve become aware of has reached you through marketing. In this module, you’ll find out what marketing skills and tools you need to spread the word about your business.

Module 5: Scaling Your Business

Internet influencers can be amazing assets for your company. When you connect with the right ones, they’ll tell their followers about your products. You could have millions finding out about your products in just a few days.

There’s also a private Facebook community through Kevin’s course. He offers additional guidance here, and you can connect with others who have signed up for the class.


  • Hundreds of testimonials from students
  • Dozens of instructional videos
  • Interactive Facebook group
  • A-Z training for all experience levels
  • Reality based - not theory
  • Most value packed training on the market


  • Expensive compared to some others
  • Some people don't like Kevin's teaching style


Which Course To Choose?

These courses are great for different reasons, but they’re not all right for all users. If you work at a car dealership, you’re going to promote minivans and sports cars to different people.

Think about your expectations and your background before buying a course, as well as your budget. You shouldn’t buy a program like this on impulse. It would help if you watched some of the training and intro videos and read the content on their websites first.

Once you get used to a program and start to feel comfortable with E-Commerce, try new things, ones that defy conventions. You might become such an expert that you create your course.

While we think highly of each of these courses, Kevin David's free program is where we suggest starting. You'll learn a lot of valuable information in his free training here.

Stay engaged with whatever program you choose. Have a notebook and pen ready so you can jot down questions and notes. If you have access to a Facebook group, try to become an active part of the community.

Making money online is a competitive but fun experience. Using Shopify puts you at an advantage compared to the people who start a business with little training or with no awareness of dropshipping.

Stay alert about trends in the E-Commerce world. You don't want to fall behind, which can happen much faster than you might realize.

Do everything you can to make your business a success. You'll always have things to learn, and you can have plenty to teach.

These Shopify courses all can turn you into an E-Commerce expert. Give at least one a try and see where your business goes.

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Course Minds Team

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