Reviewing Clickfunnels: Scam or Worth The Money? (Updated for 2021)

 May 31, 2020

By  Course Minds Team

​Sales funnels are something that all businesses need to understand to turn prospects into paying customers.

Your funnel is even more essential when you have an online business and can't interact face to face with prospects.

It's not very useful to you if you generate leads, and none of them pay you for your product or services.

Having a system that you can capture attention, nurture your leads, gain their trust, and earn their business can be easier using an online funnels system.

Clickfunnels has been one of the top funnel building software for entrepreneurs and business owners because of it's affordability, ease of use, features, and much more.

Is this tool for you? We aren't sure since you're likely looking for specific features.

However, this guide will give you the great, good, bad, and ugly to help make your decision easier.

Here’s the scoop.

Any entrepreneur today needs to use the internet in some way if they’re expecting to succeed in the new digital age.

With a sales funnel, you’ll be bringing a prospective customer step-by-step to whatever you’re selling.

A big issue with many sales funnels is the lack of clarity for the visitor.

If a visitor can't tell what you're offering, or they have to search deeply to find out, they will instinctually lose their interest and go elsewhere.

Being immediately clear what you're offering, understanding where the prospect is at, overcoming objections, and gaining trust are the key aspects of any successful funnel.


The overall value provided in this funnel software relative to some competitors.


The amount of essential and key features included relative to other softwares.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this funnel builder relative to other competitors

Sales funnels can be made better through Clickfunnels. This software helps bring you from point A to point B, even if you're a beginner.

You might be shocked by how much it expedites the process and helps you get more sales.

A SaaS (software as a service) business, Clickfunnels helps to forge stronger links between businesses and customers.

There are also distinct design templates that fit specific business types.

If you have an existing sales funnel, Clickfunnels can help to enhance it.

Additionally, it’s a straightforward software to use, so you’re not expected to have some kind of high-level understanding of computer programming.

With more landing pages, you can generate more traffic to your site by utilizing different lead magnets and offers.

You want to increase your chances of customer engagement and have the right product-market fit, after all.

Spending a couple of hours inside the members area and experimenting with the drag and drop builder will help familiarize you quickly, but it's going to take some focus and effort. 


  • Excellent customer service for troubleshooting issues
  • Instructional videos to answer your most pressing questions
  • Easy drag and drop funnel builder. No need to be tech saavy
  • Performance analytics to measure the efficacy of your funnels. Track visitors, sales, opt-ins and much more.
  • Affordable monthly pricing


  • Need to pay extra for most of the pre-made funnels 
  • Integrating your email, autoresponders, and custom domains can be confusing for a beginner. 
  • Lots of upsells for books, conferences, and other products.


How To Create A Sales Funnel

To help better illustrate things, we’re going to explain how a sales funnel can be made through Clickfunnels.

The first step is the landing page, which should peak someone's interest immediately.

The next step is collecting their email address with an opt-in form or some type of free or low-cost offer. A free informative PDF or e-book are popular options to obtain leads.

Another aspect is sales pages, which help to pitch your product.

You can use different media methods, such as video, for really going into depth about your product and the benefits for your prospects.

Lastly, you need to turn the prospect into a buyer. You want to make it easy for them to may payments on a checkout page. With Clickfunnels, there’s no trouble with including standard payment systems.

When payment is complete, you can also bring them to a page that shows other products they might want to buy.

These upsell pages, can help you make more money and influence further purchasing decisions within your customer.

After the payment, customers shouldn’t have any difficulty receiving your product. Many items that are sold today are entirely digital, and you want to make it easy for them to access them.

A page that lets users simply find their purchased digital products is a must.

All in all, the sales funnel process with Clickfunnels should be quick and easy to get started with.

What Else Should I Know?

Consider how much money you’ve put towards your business already.

Spending a few extra hundred dollars shouldn’t be seen as a risk, especially not when it can exponentially increase your profit margins with online business. 

Compared to traditional brick and mortars, your overhead and barrier to entry are significantly lower, which gives you more resources to work with.

This software is very user friendly and informative, which allows you to control your whole sales process. You can easily measure whether a funnel is working or not, and can adjust accordingly.

Every tool is only as useful as the person wielding it. With Clickfunnels, you can have a refined tool that you make sophisticated decisions with and adapt as needed.

As a way to perfect sales funnels and create a site, Clickfunnels is hard to beat. It should take less than 24 hours for you to get things going. For most people, the $97 starter plan will suffice when you're just beginning.

If you are more advanced and need more features, the Edison Suite plan, for $297 per month.

The top feature is the action backpack, with an autoresponder and a way to make your affiliate opportunities grow. Edison Suite is truly "sweet".

Additionally, you could just get the simplest plan and get an autoresponder monthly subscription. Think about whatever strategies are best for your business and your goals.

The Edison Suite is also really great because of how it simplifies things. You can get access to multiple essential tools at once.

It’s way harder to keep track of different plugins from different businesses all at once. We doubt you need any more complications with running your business.

Whichever plan you choose, you should make the most out of the possibilities at your disposal.

Clickfunnels can be your first real chance at gaining leads. Should you be having trouble at first, you should be able to easily learn from your mistakes, adjust, and move on.

Keep In Mind

A big issue persists with Clickfunnels. The people who they’re targeting aren’t necessarily people with experience in marketing or computer programming.

They might have a decent understanding of what sales funnel involve, but this might be a pretty shallow understanding. Advanced marketers may dislike the generic and basic tools in this software.

Additionally, the aesthetic value of the templates isn’t particularly good. They’re not ugly, but they also don’t have the appeal that would draw people in.

Basically, if you’re looking for pretty templates, Clickfunnels isn’t the best source. But you can always learn to create your own by dedicating some time to developing funnels from scratch.

The templates can be adjusted, but relatively few users take advantage of this. As a result, pages can just look generic, even if the products advertised are different. Having some kind of design awareness is important.

Furthermore, landing pages can start to look disturbingly similar. Customers can start to make unconscious decisions about your business and its products based on its design.

If you’re trying to sell stuff with the promise of it being “high-end,” how are people supposed to feel when they see a site that looks basic or generic?

Clickfunnels doesn’t solve all your marketing needs either. You need to also know how to work other systems into your overall marketing machine.

Things like generating traffic, order fulfillment, autoresponders, and more.

While Clickfunnels can make things easier, that really depends on your efforts. What must come first is a plan for your business and how you’ll reach your customers. 

A tool like this can help to increase your odds of success, but it’s not going to ensure it. You need to connect all of the dots in your business system to make it work.

Clickfunnels Alternative

1. GroovePages 


The overall value provided in this funnel builder relative to some competitors.


The amount of essential and key features included relative to other softwares.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this funnel builder relative to other competitors

GroovePages is a game changing new software by the creators of Everwebinar and WebinarJam. 

This funnel software is literally a one-stop-shop that has every tool in one beautifully designed, easy to use platform. 

This software replaces Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Kartra, Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific, WordPress, Calendly, Shopify and many more!

They have a totally free plan you can sign up for, plus a sweet lifetime deal to get access to all features.


  • Free plan to sign up and build funnels
  • Lifetime deal that gets you all access with just one payment.
  • Replaces dozens of other softwares needed with traditional funnel builders.
  • Intuitive and user friendly design and functionality.
  • Lightning fast page speed to help with SEO rankings.
  • More affordable than all competitors we have found.
  • Become an affiliate and make money by promoting. 


  • Because this software is new, the developers are still working out certain tech issues and bugs. 
  • Can take more time to get familiar with all of the tools, since it's an all-in-one software solution.


Final Thoughts

The potential of Clickfunnels is different for each user, depending on what they need. You can get two weeks for free, which helps you to understand if this tool is one that can benefit you.

You may want to start with the $97 plan after the free trial. When you start to become an advanced marketer, you can move onto the $297 plan.

You should also be keeping track of your sales over time. Reflect on how Clickfunnels has helped your business grow, even if your sales figures increase by a few percentage points at first.

Put your attention towards design as well. There are some limitations with the templates, but you can still do things with them to make them better.

There's no room in running an online business for making anything into an afterthought. It all matters, for your customers, and for you.

Do what you can to make your business a real force and constantly develop your skills and evolve.

You can sign up for a Clickfunnels 14 day free trial here, and get going. Alternatively, check out GroovePages here if you want an all in one solution to your marketing needs.

Good luck!

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