Reviewing LeadPages: Is This Page Builder Worth Your Money? (Updated for 2020)

 September 12, 2020

By  Course Minds Team

Having a strong internet business requires having excellent products and ways to share them with the billions of people who are online. Landing pages are an instrumental part of this process.

I didn’t know much of anything about landing pages when I was first getting started, but I was quickly able to see how they would benefit my business. Using Leadpages ended up being one of the best decisions I made when first starting my online business.

With this article, I’m going to tell you all about my experience with Leadpages and what any new user should know. You might have some hurdles to overcome initially, but patience and concentrated effort will be your allies here.

All landing page builders require sharp attention to detail and some experimentation but with time, you can become an expert.

There’s plenty of conveniences that come from having an online business, and Leadpages is a tool you use to accelerate your growth and not rely on web developers or designers who use complicated themes and coding.

Here's the full rundown.

What Are Landing Pages?

Before you try to create a landing page, you need to understand what it is. Landing pages need to be properly developed and placed to achieve their intended effect. It’s an essential aspect of converting traffic from your marketing efforts.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are transitioning from traditionally websites to landing pages because they more accurately reflect the sales process, are easy to setup and edit, and are more hyper focused on one product or service rather than a full menu that can distract customers.

There’s a great power of influence that can come from having a successful landing page. There has to be an understanding of your customer needs and their common questions so you can immediately address them.

Given how quickly people can lose their focus, you need to figure out how your landing page can draw them in and keep them long enough to keep reading.

Without a solid grasp of computer and web development, you might think that a landing page isn’t something worth pursuing. We understand how hard that can be, even for those who do so full-time.

That’s why builders like Leadpages are so important. They make creating landing pages a much easier and more user-friendly process.

You’ll have plenty of pre-existing landing page formats to work from. These are very intuitive and can even be done via your mobile device. With more than 100 templates, you should be able to find one that serves you and your business’ needs.


The overall value provided in this funnel software relative to some competitors.


The amount of essential and key features included relative to other softwares.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this page builder relative to other competitors

There are many different aspects to LeadPages, all of which are important to understand and require some hands on experience to get a good feel for.

Keep in mind that, you can always sign up for a free 14 day trial to see what Leadpages is really like for yourself. 

But before that, here are the main aspects to Leadpages explained.

Product Pages

You need to really consider how you share your product, as people can make a decision very quickly.

Leadpages gives users templates with a proven track record of bringing clicks to product landing pages. Make sure any templates you consider would make sense for your products.

Webinar Hosting

Attending webinars can be a great way for leads to learn more about your product. To draw them in, you need a landing page that offers preliminary information that inspires them to register to learn more.

Lead Generation

You need to get traffic for your internet business to last. When I first started 10 years ago, I thought having a website all I needed for the traffic to pile up.

However, there are so many other people with sites expecting the same results. It doesn’t matter how good your site looks. You need to know how to bring people there in the first place.

Facebook ads are a popular and cost-effective way to accomplish this. There are some great courses for learning Facebook ads.


There needs to be an equal exchange between you and your clients. You want them to come to your site and purchases your products, but shouldn’t they get something in return?

One strategy is offering an Ebook for their email contact. You might have other ideas of things you can offer. The important thing is having it be something worth their time.

Simple Integrations

Something I really love about Leadpages is how many other softwares integrate with it. I’ve used lots of great plugins to help make my landing pages as strong as possible.

I especially like using Google Analytics, as this helps me to see just how well my site is doing in terms of traffic. Online payment systems make things as streamlined as possible. 

Conversion Tracking

Understanding your numbers and having the abililty to track where your customers came from is essential to online success.

Don’t merely look at these numbers without understanding them. You should train yourself to understand all statistics and what trends have been occurring.

You have the opportunity to see how much your site is making and how many people are visiting with the help of precise analytical tools. These are so important to consider and can help your business truly flourish.

A/B Testing

You can become something of a scientist through using split testing. This involves having two landing page designs and seeing how they each perform.

You don't just want to create one landing page and assume that your prospects will respond well to it. Give your prospects options and use those analytics to determine which landing page to kill and which to keep.

Monthly Subscription

Leadpages offers competitive rates for their monthly subscription. There’s no cap on traffic or lead potential with the simplest plan. However, don’t forget about payments, so your account stays active.

There’s a free 14 day trial period to see how this software works for you. Should this go well, you can choose between three levels: $25, $48, or $199.

For split testing, you need a $48 or $199 monthly plan. Additionally, the highest-cost plan gives you five additional accounts, more robust integration with other plugins, 24/7 customer help, and much more.


  • Adaptable - You can design your landing page in the manner that best suits you and what your potential customers will need.
  • Integration possibilities - There are so many things you can add to your landing page. This will help make it even stronger and provide far more options for your users.
  • Tracking/Analytics - You should want to follow quantitative data as much as possible. This prevents you from having to rely on guesswork in order to solve issues with your site.
  • Affordable monthly subscription - Even the most basic plan get be sufficient for most people.


  • Support Shortcomings - The only way you’ll have access to the 24/7 helpline is by signing up for the $199 plan.
  • Learning Troubles - While we find Leadpages to be pretty user-friendly, there are definitely aspects that can take a while to learn.


LeadPages Alternatives

1. GroovePages 


The overall value provided in this funnel builder relative to some competitors.


The amount of essential and key features included relative to other softwares.


Rating is based on the price to invest in this funnel builder relative to other competitors

GroovePages is a game-changing newly developed software by Mike Filsaime, the creator of popular softwares like WebinarJam and Everwebinar. 

This software is not just a landing page builder. It's literally an all-in-one tool that replaces Clickfunnels, Mailchimp, Kartra, Sendgrid, Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, WordPress, Shopify, Calendly, and many more!

They have a completely free plan you can sign up for, plus a shocking lifetime deal to get access to all features.


  • 3 websites free, for life.
  • Limited time lifetime deal that gets you all features with just one payment.
  • Replaces a few dozen other softwares needed with traditional landing page builders.
  • Intuitive, user friendly, and beautiful design.
  • Lightning quick page speed to help with search engine optimization.
  • Make up to 40% on each sale as an affiliate


  • Because this software is new, the GrooveFunnels developers are still working through bugs and tech issues.
  • Can take more time to get acquainted with all of the software tools, since it's a one stop shop solution.


Final Thoughts

Leadpages is great if you are just looking for a competent landing page builder. It's affordable, user friendly, functional, and very dynamic. 

But keep in mind there is a monthly subscription just like many softwares online. These monthly subscriptions can add up quickly. 

Our suggestion is to check out GroovePages. You get the landing page builder and over 13 other features for one lifetime price! 

You can save tens of thousands of dollars by using GroovePages, which replaces dozens of other softwares. Visit GroovePages here to find out more.

Good luck!

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